Online Facebook account has disappeared Zorin OS 16 Pro?

I have been using Zorin OS Pro 16 for a few days now. I did a light installation. Very nice, I discover it every day. I saw that it was possible to add an online Facebook account to be used by other applications such as Shotwell to share photos for example. However I can't find it in the settings menu. Is this normal? why? I want to publish some photos from Shotwell to Facebook. Is there another way?

Thank you.

Shotwell is a Gnome application and has nothing whatsoever to do with Zorin.

Here is the information you can read on Shotwell there is a link to user instructions on the page

Hello DeanG,

Yes, I know but the fact that I can't add an online Facebook account from the settings is due to what? Zorin OS or Ubuntu?

Who cares? FB sux anyway

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We don't ask your opinion on Facebook! But as far as you know, your grandparents still use it, but anyway... this kind of answer keeps you frankly!

I believe you need to use the Shotwell Plugin:

To see a list of installed plugins, choose Edit ▸ Preferences, and in the Preferences window, click on the Plugins tab. You'll see a list of currently-installed plugins, each with a checkbox by it, and you may enable or disable each by selecting or deselecting the checkbox by its name.

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Facebook sucks and my grandparents are dead way before facebook was around your on a public forum I gave my opinion and you don't have to like it

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I am not sure I see the point. Your opinion is valid, in fact I also do not use nor promote Facebook. If directly asked, I would give my honest opinion of Facebook.
However, the O.P. did not ask for opinions on Facebook. The O.P. uses Facebook and asked for help on how to employ an included feature.
It makes more sense to helpfully provide an answer to solve the question.

Another way of looking at this may be, if a user posted asking how to use a different theme, would it help if we posted, "Why? That theme is ugly." It wouldn't work out well.


Neither Zorin or Ubuntu has anything to do with that application. What the application does or does not has nothing to do with the distro.

On that link I gave is a user guide link, I think it would be best if you took the time to read through it. It may have the answer you're looking for.

I personally would not attach anything let alone any app on my computer to Facebook. So I would not even if I did know be able to give step by step instructions. But it most likely is a plugin you will need to install through the application itself.

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