Only one display work after forcing upgrading Nvidia driver

Hi everyone,
I have recently forced some packets to be upgraded like one of Nvidia with apt and after reboot, only one of my screen are working.
The Nvidia X Server Setting don't work too
Can someone help me ?

What gpu do you have ?

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MSI Geforce GTX 1050 ti

Does zorin offer 525 driver ?

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This ?

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Install 525, great driver

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Still the same problem
(after doing apt install nvidia-utils-525 and reboot)

Is secure boot disabled in bios ?

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Try purge every nvidia libs on your system and reinstall the prefered driver.

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You want me to do something like that ?
apt purge nvidia* && apt install nvidia-utils-525

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And yes, secure boot is already disabled

It's seems to work after doing that commands, but can you explain me if i need to install other packets that was previously installed on the system ?
Screenshot from 2022-12-11 11-42-31

Can you run nvidia-settings without any issues? If so, you don't need to take any further step.

I have to install it with apt but, when i lunch it i have the same Nvidia X Server Settings windows as showed in the beginning

Are you using wayland instead of Xorg?

How i can see that ?

Settings -> About

I don't see it

You are using Xorg (X11), so that isn't it.

Which drivers have you tried so far?