Oof... Ubuntu 22.04 gets a poor review

Article Publication date: Apr 27, 2022

I find this interesting as some of these are concerns that users have raised here on this forum.
Such as: Will Zorin OS 17 have Firefox as a Snap Package only?

The author says:

If you are an Ubuntu user, I recommend waiting at least 3 months before you upgrade so most of the bugs get fixed.

This really is a strong statement about how users seem to feel eager to rush to the latest. Waiting on Zorin OS 17 based on Ubuntu 22.04 sounds like Zorin OS 17 will be far more stable than the release of Ubuntu 22.04 was.

Now, I have seen quite a few poor reviews. This one is just the most heavy handed in its wording.
Others focused more on LibAdwaita and other grievances.

But one thing I take away from it is: ZorinGroup should feel free to take their time in development. It looks like there is a lot of sweeping up and mopping on this one.


Ubuntu 22.04 was indeed a mess on release. I tested it a bit myself. The next intermediate release, 22.10 felt so much nicer, on release day already.

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Interestingly, the screenshot the article uses at the top of the page looks like Zorin OS 9.


Actually the image nane refers to ZoninOS 8. I even had to go and check the date of that ZDNET article when I saw that.
Z16 screenshot does appear later though.


I did the same exact thing. And yes, the Z16 screenshots are featured later in the article.
Which makes that opener a bit... misleading.

We don't want unwarranted comments that ZorinOS appears dated because of that screenshot image. But I guess it could now inspire some Z8 retro looking desktop customisations of Z16. :wink:


I wouldn't mind... I think Zorin OS 9 looked great.


He taken poor review but in 23.04 lubster ubuntu from the same youtube channel get a super review.

Yes, there are some issues with Ubuntu. When I went through my Ubuntu phase earlier this year with Ubuntu 22.04 there were some things I really liked, and disliked. The 2nd thing I did after install, update then 'De-Snap'.
But if not for that experience I never would have learned about gnome shell extension manager, removing snaps, Gnome Circle and Flathub store...
But there were some things I did like about it too to be fair. After 3 months or so wiped it out with a fresh install of Mint XFCE...
The sad truth, Canonical has meddled with Ubuntu too much...

The disadvantage of rolling release is that the release itself becomes the objective IMO. In other words, unnecessary updates are made to maintain the developer's authority.


Linux Mint works perfect, Ubuntu 22.04 and 23.04 has bugs and not stable enough for using a daily driver. Pop OS is also stable and works fine.

The problem basing your product from another product is if you have issues unless you fix them yourself and try to contribute to upstream it is almost going to suffer the same issues until the base is fixed by other devs.

Debian 12 works a treat and so does the new version of MX linux. I also don't have any issues with fedora currently. If I can't find a package in the repo for it I use a flatpack but I've always been using the method of how I get my software as repo > deb/rpm file > flatpack > appimage > snap in the form of what I use on my systems.


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS have support security to the 2032.
What that means for Zorrin users?

That's if you pay for Ubuntu Pro subscription, which is supposedly free for personal use up to 5 machines, but I don't think it'll be compatible with derivatives.

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