Open files in gedit

I have a .log file (from Windows), only 20 Kb, and it shows an icon as if it were a text-file (which it is not). When clicking it to open, gedit starts and seems to crash, it takes forever and nothing happens. Libreoffices write-app can handle the file as expected though. Is this feedback for Zorin or not, I don't know?

Certain Windows log files are not text files but binary files which require a specific log file viewer. Since it has been created in Windows,you would have a better chance to find its viewer in Windows environment.

Hmm, yes, sure, but I just felt the default text-viewer should open any file regardless (as is possible in Windows) and not freeze if it isn't a text file after all. Maybe a linux thing, but this is feedback to how it is seen from one like me.

It took me a while to figure this one out but Linux does not treat files in the same way as Windows. I could save text files without extension but they will still be opened with a text editor when double clicked. In Windows, I could hide the extension of the file name but cannot eliminate it.

I thought Windows text editor could also freeze if you try to open binary files. Am I missing something here?

The Windows Text Editor Notepad is coded to include a translator for the Windows Log files.
This makes sense, considering that the user needs to access them. However, Neither Notepad nor Notepad++ can open any kind of file and both will be unable to open even ordinary bin files in Linux (Or non log files in Windows).

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Nah, not like that. Notepad can open any file, it just display the content as is, it doesn't freeze or crash but may take a long time for large files. Libre write can also open all files it seems, it doesn't make sense why gedit can't do it...only a first shock as a new user.

I can certainly understand that.
I think more testing is necessary to figure it out. I just tested with Libre Write and it was unable to open any bin file. (It said the file must be corrupted and offered to try to repair it...)

Gedit is a pretty basic Text Editor aimed for the average user. I do not think it is odd that it would not be able to open Windows Specific Log files, though.

You can try using Glogg to view Windows Log Files while on Zorin OS, I think.

sudo apt install -y glogg

No, I don't need to see the log-file at all, it was just my example of clicking a file with a gedit-icon. If I am the only one to complain about this it must be that I came from Windows where it works :slight_smile:

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