Open Source and non-free

Yesterday I watching a movie about why sometimes we cannot find drivers for linux or they not exist. Because open source exist when the producent any peripherals device give a some code or information about product.
Non-free exist when someone have a code but don't wanna a share with another people.
So if people sayed on Linux not working this or this then this is no problem a Linux software but a producent a product or corporation.
It will be nice if here we will create some topic about Linux. Just some information.
How was created Linux?


Yes that is true what you wrote. I just put this topic to open someones eyes how it works.
I know some people what build a computers and searching components only compatibility with Linux. About hackers - they doing a good jobb. Why? Because big corporation also have a dirty hands.


People want a perfect a product. Sometimes they don't know how to safety using a PC installing many software with malware and open "dirty websides". What next is slowly a computer with many not usefull files on a computer.
Linux is like a team me and Linux. If you gived him a chance and little time will be working without problems.
I am on my PC from 2015 using many type operating system.
Using a Zorin 16 Pro from some time I feeling he is faster.

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This is an awesome post, I am really enjoying the read! And if I might add, its in my humble opinion, that both software and hardware go hand in hand. And to that end, is why I support right to repair.

And you guys might enjoy watching this video that I am watching right now. A fully modular notebook computer made by Framework, supporting right to repair. And if you asked me, the OS that should be running on all these machines is Linux. Why you ask?

Because Linux is about providing a user choice, much in the way right to repair, is about giving you the choice, on the hardware level.


Yes I saw this review this laptop on Linus Tech Channel. Very good startup.


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