Opening an attachement in Evolution mail

I seem to have trouble opening attachments in emails. This what message I see when I try to. Screenshot from 2020-12-29 22-23-50

NB its ONLY Libreoffice 7 documents that are affected.

Does changing Permissions (right click->Properties) of the evolution subfolder in .cache help? You could try reinstalling Libre but those are a lot of packages on Synaptic.

Apparently not. The interesting thing here is that it appears to only affect Libre.

Incidently, I have also asked Starlabs who made the laptop, in the off chance they knew anything. They asked me run this command: ls -l ~/.cache/evolution

and in doing so, I send them this:

I temporarily installed Thunderbird and I can open all the attachments. It would appear this problem is with Evolution. @carmar


The ls command only lists directory contents, so I’m not sure why they asked that. Further, the attachment was within a subfolder of tmp.
Anyway, this still makes it a Libre issue since only those attachments are getting affected but I’m glad it is working with Thunderbird. Sorry, I don’t use any non-browser email so my experience is non-existent.

My email is Gmail but I channel it through Evolution