Opening and editing .eps files

To those who are using Inkscape and Gimp, you might be familiar about its feature that it can open .eps files. But, in my case, even I install Ghostscript (just like suggested in other forum), still, I can't open .eps files in Inkscape nor in GIMP, rather they just convert it to image. Most guide in this problem, including the one in Inkscape, is for Windows. So, I wonder if there is someone who could help me out there. If not these two, is there any open source software that can open and edit .eps files for Linux?

Okay. I already got my own answer. Scribus have linux version and can open and edit .eps files. Good thing.


Good News. As I did a web search "editing .eps files ubuntu 20.04" and could find little.

EPS is encapsulated post script, used in the graphical industries, quite an old fashioned kind of file format these days but still used.

There used to be an app called epsconverter. But that was 15 years ago and only for Mac. illustrator can open them too but is difficult or even impossible to install on Linux.

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