Openrgb on acer nitro

Hi to everyone. Can someone tell or help me how to use openrgb on my Acer nitro 5. I'm having trouble using it and don't know if I have to download drivers for it. Dose it actually work for my laptop? Please help.

Suggest you follow this guide? (Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS):


thanks for your respons.
i did install it trough terminal but it still wont work.
is there another program i could try?

What do you mean by "it does not work"?
Does it not Launch?
Does it launch but have no effect?

I would purge your install of openrgb by opening a terminal and entering:

sudo apt-get purge openrgb

Then you will still have the ppa present - leave that as is but follow this better guide:

You should update before installing new packages and likewise afterwards and reboot before trying to launch (a bit like that other OS).

Sorry.. yes, does launch and run.
It is just blank.

It is working normally, then. You just need to configure it and get it to see your devices:

Thanks for advise.
I have tried your way but still the same. After browsing trough this endless list of supported devices, i think it doesn't support acer.

I would agree with you, it only supports an Acer predator gaming mouse according to the Wiki.

maybe the next update will bring more acer supports. but thank you so much trying to help.

I used to use openrgb on my gigabtye stuff, now i just use preset bios settings, some of the newer bios and security in the kernels are isolating hardware, also if you use secureboot it can cause issues as well.

Try adding acpi_enforce_resource=lax to you grub line for one boot, and running openrgb as sudo, see if that detects your hardware.

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Ugh, i have a predator laptop…lets hope they can make it happen for those as well

Found this for one serie [New Device] Acer predator helios 300 (#1169) · Issues · Adam Honse / OpenRGB · GitLab

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