OpenVPN - Activation of network connection failed

I have a fully functional network connection via wifi and a network cable. I added three OpenVPN connections in the Zorin 17 VPN settings. They worked fine until they suddenly didn't. Now, every time I want to start an OpenVPN connection, an error message appears immediately:

Activation of network connection failed

This happens both wired and wireless.

When I make an new OpenVPN connection, that connection works. The others still generate the error though.

Any solutions here:

(Yes I know it is Proton and not OpenVPN!)

or here?:

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Thank you for the tips! I don't use Proton VPN, but I remember installing the Proton Mail Bridge app after I added the OpenVPN connections. The connections I added later, are still working. I think we can conclude that not only Proton VPN, but Proton Mail Bridge messes things up a bit too.

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interestingly, I'm using OpenVPN through ProtonVPN so... i like to think we're meeting in the middle.

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