Opera installed from the Software store launches slow

I tried installing Opera from the Software store app. After I rebooted I noticed it would launch very slow, but only on the first launch. This was greatly disappointing, as speed and efficiency is one of the reasons I want to use Linux.

After noticing that others had similar issues on different Linux distributions I decided to try and install it from the terminal.


I also noted the source from the Software Store is snapcraft.io and not opera.com

In order to resolve this I removed Opera through the Software store then reinstalled through the terminal.

Here are the instructions I used:

opera now launches quickly after a reboot on the first launch. Does it have something to do with keyrings? I don't know -- I'm not even sure what a keyring is.... I am a novice linux user but just hope this message helps either the developers fix this issue or help other users that might experience the same problem.

Good luck

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Installing from Software includes not just the stnadard supported .deb packages, but also Canonicals Snap packages. AndFlatpak. It is best to Check The Source.
Zorin OS added a feature to gnome-software to make this easier. On the Top Headerbar, when you select a package, you will see a button labeled Source.
Click Source to see if the Opera package is Snap or Flatpak. While Snap and Flatpak have their advantages, they have some notorious disadvantages, too.
Slow loading is one of them.


Thanks Opera is starts up alot faster now.


Yeah, gonna have to agree with double checking the source. I wouldn't trust downloading packages from untrusted sources, thats how things go bad. Always use official REPO's.

I have to say Andreak, I am really impressed with how you self-solved this, even being a Novice(According to you!) Linux user. Way to go, your amazing! :star2:

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