Optimization of Zorin OS 16

Hello! Can anyone list me the best possible way to speed up performance and minimise RAM usage? I'm currently running it on 4GB Ram on a Core 2 Duo T4200 and runs pretty well!

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If it runs pretty well as you say, why would you seek performance boost? RAM is there to be used. Linux is good to administrate the RAM contraire Windows (it may got better with Windows 10-11 who knows). If you are zealous regarding RAM usage you can always switch from Core to Lite or drop DE all together and switch to WM only.

Ram usage is what speeds up computers, the fact that zorin is populating it is a good thing. Use your startup option to specify which apps you want, turn off what you don't and enjoy. That way the apps you use most often are quickly available. The fact that 16 is the fastest zorin yet and it's doing well on your system is a testament to the improvements.

Ram is still faster than even NVMe drives (not by much) so it makes sense to populate it. You could shut off all startup applications and that would make zorin real quick as well a reduce ram usage. Your best bet is to add another 4gb stick to your laptop (or change to two 4gb sticks depending on the configuration). Your pocket and motherboard will be the only limitations to increasing the speed of your system. Providing more ram, at the same clock speed, will improve performance and availability.

The only other option is to upgrade to a newer machine.

It does run pretty well but we will see in the future as its just newly installed. Sometimes, like it has lag spikes for animations or loading stuff but that's okay

Oo okay, it does run well, but we'll see in the future because sometimes an OS runs well newly installed but after a few weeks slows down. My laptop is a Inspiron 1545 if you're wondering :slight_smile:

You can see if preload will optimize for the most used app on your computer.

sudo apt install preload

preload monitors applications that users run, and by analyzing this
data, predicts what applications users might run, and fetches those
binaries and their dependencies into memory for faster startup times.

If you're gaming you might want to check my gamemode guide: [HowTo] Use gamemode in Zorin OS 16

Never experienced that on a Linux machine other than if you ran out of RAM and need to swap with a 5600rpm HDD. But again Linux handles RAM pretty well.

Ooo, i was using Zorin 15 Lite and after i saw the UI I just couldn't resist it lol. It was too good

You can check this, I've created it and I'll post updates on how it performs

Linux uses cache files and fills up logs differently than windows. There shouldn't be a lag because either are getting to large. Once they hit a predetermined size they make a new file. There should be no slow down like in windows.