Origin Lutris - SimCity, Red Alert

I have not installed any Proton. I enabled Proton within Steam settings.
Open Steam - then click Steam on the upper Menubar. Select settings.
Bottom of the list - Steam Play.
Under Advanced, select Enable Steam Play for all other titles.
Run other titles with (Drop Down menu) Proton Experimental.

That is all the configuring I have done.
But - I am not a rabid gamer and only play a few games and rarely have time to do that. But, they all work...


Yes proton works well when you have steam with those games. Black screen is because of the graphics. Its possible you need a wrapper.

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The games i use on zorin are working as fast as on pop. I have to disagree on this :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I wasn't talking about gaming speed when I made that statement. I meant, that it was more game ready out of the box. Case in point, comes with Nvidia driver already installed for my convenience. Also contains a lot of libraries already installed too.

And the only PROTON that I use, is what is installed in Steam. Each time you select a PROTON version, Steam will download it to your computer. Also, Steam will download and process Vulkan Shaders as well. Supposedly this helps the game to run better.

Glad its working out well for you Michel. I just feel really bad for Bourne. If I could make miracles, my first one would be to fix Bournes computer. lol

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Install Linux instead of Windows 11 - Here's how! - YouTube here linus tech describe how to run games in nvidia. POP OS
I tried POP OS but not for me.

Still I have good memories with this topic where is my screen happy day.

what i see on neofetch kernel is 5.11.0-27 hmm not 5.11.0-34

Steam have build proton inside. I reading is better from Lutris

I still can't get a game to work that is not listed in the steam libary. I tried to add it as non steam game, installed a proton and hit run game...failed to run the game.

God! what am i missing ?

What type a game? Install directx on wine.
For me no hope to working anything on my computer about games.

I know that, done everything but does not work

Star Trek Starfleet Command 3 from gog

Hello. This is possible my firewall blocking my steam?

@Bourne, That is Starfleet Command 1

Well good news after this guide something better and my games start some proggress.
Game start working i hope soon.

My friend i already tried everything, game does not run.

This game is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Maybe here is a problem?
this is some working platform linux

Already tried, no results. Like i said i tried everything haha.

try this

or this my age years children.