OS 12.4 Core end of life and updates?

Greetings all. I have been running OS 12.4 Core since Q1 2019 and have typically received OS and security updates at least weekly. However, I have not seen any updates downloaded or installed since early July, at least.

I have checked that my apt repositories are current and am not seeing any errors, so my silly question is whether OS 12.4 Core is no longer receiving updates, or something else is involved? Thanks in advance!

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You are spot on with your observation skills.
Support for Zorin OS 12.4 ended April 29, 2021.

I am still using Zorin Lite 12.4 on one of my machines - it sees Shop Use so the security updates are of less concern.

If you are running 32 bit, Zorin OS 15.3 Lite is available in 32 bit. Sadly, Zorin OS 16 will not be offered in 32bit.

Thank you for confirming this. I am running a 64 bit version, so I will investigate upgrading to OS 16.

I am not so sure if you can do in-place upgrade directly from version 12 to 14. @Aravisian might have a better idea though.

If you are referring to Direct Upgrade - this is not possible on multiple fronts.
ChuckD would need to perform a full upgrade, then perform the Direct Upgrade to Zorin OS 15. Then he would have to repeat the procedure and perform a full upgrade, then a Direct Upgrade to Zorin OS 16.

The Problems:

  • The Direct Upgrade is currently not supported by Zorin OS. This is an important problem. :wink: Although it is possible to perform a direct upgade, you would end up with Ubuntu instead of Zorin OS. This requires waiting for the Zorin OS Direct Upgrade option to be released. But this will not retroactively allow for Direct Upgrade on Zorin 12.4. to get to Zorin OS 15.

  • A double upgrade like that would leave many of your apps and programs hopelessly broken or unusable.

If Zorin OS 16 is not feasible on your current machine, Zorin OS 15.3 will be supported until April 29, 2023.

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I think back up data and clean install is much much easier than this.

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Yes, I had read that upgrade was not feasible, so I planned to do a clean install. Thanks for the info, everyone.