Other Distros

If you want to use Arch , use EndeavourOS
. Best distro with best devs and support.

It is more stable and faster than Ubuntu, less bloated and you have full control of everything.

Garuda is shi.. Too bloated and not really good for your laptop.

About Arch breaking your system, that is not true . It really depends what are you doing and how. For example I am using snapshots, and I can always easy restore my system to last working state.
It takes backup before every install etc

This is not a good thing for the VAST majority of users. They just want their system to work how they expect it to work. For instance Arch/Manjaro does not enable TRIM support for SSDS by default. If you do not intentionally go in and enable this feature you are more or less damaging your hardware.

Stable and faster than Ubuntu? You know that is inherently false right?

Benchmarks consistently show Arch behind other distros in terms or performance and stability wise it is not even a debate. There is a reason that Arch based servers really do not exist

Counting on snapshots just for basic functionality of your computer is also far from ideal.

Arch is good for hobbyist, people who have very recent hardware, and people who need to have the latest features for whatever reason. But it is not a good day to day system for most. This is why you very rarely see software developers make an Arch version of anything. Arch is very reliant on their community (AUR) packages

Arch for me is for people who like experiments and hobbies.
Ubuntu just working the same Fedora.
Check how mint is simple and near people who was used windows.
Mint every time the same simple desktop without searching what i need click. Users liked simplify.

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If someone wants Ubuntu based distro, I suggest Rhino linux :slight_smile:

Rhino linux isn't is ubuntu with arch or some remix package?

No, it is pure ubuntu just with snap,flatpak and rolling release distro. And very active devs :slight_smile:

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Very interesting. Then this is similar arch rolling release.
Did you tested on some virtual machine?

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It is hard to say is it simialr to Arch. It is rolling distro, so kinda. You can have bleeding edge software and apps.

Also it looks cool , it is not pure Ubuntu.

Devs working constantly on new features.

And only good point comparing to Zorin, they communicating with users every day :slight_smile:
And yes, I tried it. It really cool. No issues . But it is still beta, just in case

Did you found some info about earlier version rhino?
Well I have now some 3 diffrent linux.
I mostly working on one. Why?Because on pc people have one operating system iOS or windows.
The hard disk is on a way. Will be for testing purpouse. Maybe will waiting for new version Zorin. Some not popular linux distribution I can trying testing on VB or VM.

It's been ages since I tried Elementary OS. Going to mess around with it.

Okay, if you think Gnome Software Store is bad, then you haven tried Elementary OS's App Store.


That was quick I ditch Elementary OS. But I couldn't get it to work properly. It also refuses to install my nvidia driver and when I installed it manually, I'll get "Ups something went wrong" screen - which isn't very helpful. The App center of eOS is dreadful - if you think Gnome Software Center is a nightmare go try eOS.

The Login screen is very nice though.

My main issue with E OS is how they perceive the user. Elementary does not believe the user should have any control over theming or customizing in any way whatsoever. They do not want users adding any extensions.
An independent developer created an Elementary Tweak Tool to help users customize it and the E OS devs actually tried to Block him. Then, they trash talked him.

The E OS developers need to go apply at Microsoft where they belong.

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Also they need to update their theming of windows and icons. It was modern back when eOS came out, but now years later it really need an overhaul. But I guess it's eye of the beholder.

Now downloading zorin OS again.

I am using CachyOS. i have connections with devs. Mostly using three diffrent distribution Linux. It gived me experiences.

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Checking out Zinc OS, which is made by the same developer that gave us much of Conky, timeshift and other well known Linux apps:

I will be testing it in VM. IT comes with Nemo FM and XFCE 4.18 - which is right up my alley.



In the mid 00's, playing around with Linuxes and BSDs introduced me to the idea of more than one DE/WM/GUI/shell for an OS, and back in Windows I found it was also possible there, and tried out things like BB4Win, which could even use styles made for *nix WMs like Blackbox and Fluxbox. And the first thing I did when I got a Win 8.1 desktop PC was install Classic Shell on it, because I didn't want a touch-focused interface for a non-touch computer.

But admittedly it seems much of the Windows shell scene died out around the turn of the decade (~2010) I don't know why. There are still a few options out there like Cairo Desktop.

As I lean toward XFCE + Debian/Ubuntu, Rhino and Zinc look interesting, and I look forward to any review Zorin/Zorin Lite users might have, especially how light/snappy they are (re installing them on older/less powerful hardware) and package management (I've never used nala or pacstall).

(I won't be trying them out myself just yet, I still have a lot of work to do on the Zorin machines.)

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Ok, with Zorin, my second/first best Ubuntu based distro is Rhino Linux.

It is really great, really helpful devs, nice community. It is still young distro, but every day is even better.

Rolling release, but you can choose what and when to upgrade. Nice polished and easy to use

Best non Ubuntu distros are Endeavour os and OpenSuse :slight_smile:

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