Outlook Exchange Server Evolution

Here is some help if you want to integrate Outlook into Evolution, including tasks and shared calendars. First make sure that the "evolution-ews" package is installed, which is easiest to check with synaptic. Then open Online Accounts in the menu and set up Outlook as follows:

E-mail: your Outlook e-mail address
Password: your Outlook password
Username: your Outlook e-mail address
Server: outlook.office365.com

I hope it helps one or the other


I just tried your guide. I don't see anywhere to add Password in Evolution

I wonder if lapolingo meant first go to Settings, then Online Accounts then first sign in to your Microsoft account, then after that go to Evolution and add your Microsoft email account there. I had to do that to set up my Google email:

I first went to Settings, then Online Accounts, then I followed the prompts to connect Google account to Zorin, then once I set it up, went to Evolution and clicked new email account, it then recognized my Google email settings so I could set up my Google email. I would not be surprised if the same has to be done with a Microsoft email account too because both Google and Microsoft have proprietary secure settings of their own.

Hope this helps you.