Outlook (Microsoft Office)

Hi folks,

First, I want to thank this awesome community and the people behind Zorin, what an awesome OS.

Intro: recently we got @geschbenscht who created a forum post (named: Microsoft Office) about the use of Microsoft Outlook with exchange accounts on Zorin. However, the comments thread derived in a fragmented discussion on Thunderbird and Evolution alternatives, which does not reflect the question and do not consist of a real option for serious day-to-day job need.

Question: starting with the precept that I need, just like a lot of people out there, to use Microsoft Outlook with some Exchange(365) accounts in a operational way, can we:

  1. Install Microsoft Outlook (Office)on Zorin correctly*?
  2. Have a stable app that allows a professional day-to-day use (email, calendar, contact...)that work well?

Please do not make this post go back again to the different alternatives apps, because we've tried it, and it does not fit a modern professional everyday need that Outlook allow with our jobs.

Thank you very much for your time and answers!


Really, this sums up to: "Install Microsoft Office on Linux."

Some users have had a good and stable experience using MS Office on Wine. This is the only method, currently, of having MS Office on Linux; Wine (Or Crossover).

Others have found that the compatibility layer has troubles.

The odds are in your favor. The best thing you can do is test this out independently and gauge your own results.

When it comes to Science, Medicine or school curriculum, I often cringe when the word "alternative" is mentioned. Often, it does not mean what the user wants to believe it means.
And if you are offered an alternative to your favorite food or beverage, you will probably feel better off passing that on by.
But Alternatives are not a Bad Thing, even if the word often gets a bad rap.
They can even be better, even in a field we might normally not be too quick to accept it; Diet, exercise and alleviation of depression can be a great alternative to chemical medication.

The debate rages on, with strong arguments of merit on both sides, as to whether Gimp is a good alternative to Photoshop.
I think we can all accept and respect that in this thread, many of the alternatives do not suit your needs. In which case your option is limited to using Wine or, using Microsoft Products specifically on Microsoft Systems.


You install Virtual Box, put Windows 10 on it and install MS Office.

That's the long and short of it if you want Outlook. That's what I did because I didn't like any of the alternatives either and were not working correctly.



I forgot about Virtual Environment.


Told ya so, dummy.

Absolutely no pain.


100% had that coming. Thanks to you both for saving my failing grace there.
...'Eyyy, account_101... Here's an idea... Virtual Environment.:smiley:

Actually Dasjdoom, you are right and I am steering and veering heavily in favor of Installing Win 10 on a Virtual Environment on the HDD and moving Zorin OS over to the SSD.


Have just been doing some graphics on Win 10 in Virtual box (also installed the guest addition to gain the full HD uption). What you see is pro running in Virtualbox my CPU leveled up to 20%.

With your Win home edition and the power you've got on the machine, it will be a piece of cake.


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