Overscan Problem

Hey! I need some help.
I have an overscan problem on my TV, and I can't fix it:
What I've tried:

  • Television Settings, I have none related to Geometry;
  • xrandr: neither transform nor underscan work, since I have an Intel igpu.

@Aravisian sorry for disturbing, but maybe you know this.

I wonder if this solved Linux Mint Forum thread that describes a very similar issue to the one you describe may help solve yours:

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Overscan problems are usually solved with a setting in the menu of the tv.
I use an old Samsung tv and it has an overscan setting under "display mode".

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None of this posts solve my issue. But xrandr with the transform option moves my screen down a little bit. How can I customize the transform values?

my television doesn't have any of that on HDMI. It has on vga, but I don't have a vga port on my pc, or a hdmi-to-vga video adapter.
If you tell me it'll surely work, I'll buy one of those.

Please see this response by Roblm:

Try this command: xrandr --output HDMI-0 --transform 1.04,0,-34,0,1.07,-21,0,0,1

You will need to fine tune the 1.04 and 1.07 values by adding or subtracting .01 >at a time.

For example: xrandr --output HDMI-0 --transform 1.05,0,-34,0,1.07,-21,0,0,1

Here's a tip in case you're not aware of it, while using the Terminal. Press the UP >Arrow key to bring up previously typed and executed commands, so you won't need >to retype them. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move the cursor to the >character that needs to be changed.

Sorry for being so brief, I am heading out the door to an appointment.

tomorrow (it's 10pm in italy) I'll try it. Thanks.

hope it went well! take care.

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