Pale moon browser on Zorin

Anyone heard about this webbrowser?

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Running on mine

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It wrote working adobe flash player on them.
How install some emulator Ruffle or something else what wrote up.
The games working on linux but difficult playing games with "flash player", what they are not more supported any webbrowser and developers.
This is something like you want playing games from 2000 year and now we have 2021.


I was using Pale Moon on an 18 year old Toshiba Satellite with Zorin 15.3 Lite. It worked better (faster) than anything else on this old, underpowered of a rig. That is until I found Seamonkey. Seamonkey is even faster. For old, old machines, I like them both with the edge to Seamonkey.

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I have also Toshiba Satellite 32 bit with vista operating system originally?


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