Panel indicator in Zorin OS 17


Sorry to insist, but is there any way to recover this indicator?

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Can you be more specific? Are you referring to some mail client notification on how many new emails are in your inbox? I suspet it might be application specific. Some more details would be useful to give an appropriate answer!

@swarfendor437, I believe @alexandros might be talking about the indicator on the files folder - which seems to indicate the progress of an on-going file operation.

My basis for assumption is that the Telegram application (blue arrow w/count 21) provides a built-in, easily configurable (toggle-able) notification counter function. Also, there doesn't seem to be any other type of indicator in the image of the panel.

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Something else that might be helpful in determining the answer to a question of a progress bar for launcher/dash icons: from where did you obtain that screenshot?

Is it a screenshot of the Zorin/Gnome DE? Or did the screenshot come from an older version of Zorin, which might have had the Unity DE installed?

I'm just referring to the taskbar-indicators present in Zorin Os 16. It is that folder where a progress bar is visible when one is copying a file, for example.
I have not been able to find it in Zorin Os 17.

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On the basis that "a picture is worth a thousand words", I have edited a copy of your screenshot, to highlight the progress bar indicator concerned. I hope that is right.


I don't understand what alexandros means with recovering that indicator, it's normal to see it as ajo001 explained. But of course it's not if there's not really a process going on.

Is it normal though? I only ask because I don't remember ever seeing it. Then again I've been using the Gnome DE and haven't played around with many others, including Unity-based ones.
I don't know much about DEs and could be missing something key here, but based on my searches, that progress bar feature seems married with Unity-based DEs.

Only went this far because I don't remember seeing it, and it looks like something I'd be interested in making happen for my desktop. I like these types of aesthetic but useful tweaks.

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Don't know, probably it is since that way you can see the progress status even when the file manager is minimized or covered by other windows. For me that's not necessary so I never watched it to see if that progress bar appears :grin:.

Wow! It is there!

Never noticed that before in ZOS16. Probably because I keep my launcher icons so small... But it definitely is there in my ZOS17 after starting a brief file-move operation.

I wonder why OP isn't seeing that anymore? I should note that I am running ZOS17 Pro.
Screenshot from 2023-12-22 06-42-42

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I think that the progress bar component is broken or missing. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's just transparent, so present but not visible.

Yes, the progress indicator is included in Zorin OS 16 Core.

I have not yet tested this on Zorin OS 17 Core. It can be tested by running a "Move file" (large enough that it takes long enough to spot that progress bar) in Nautilus (Files) app.

I'm running Z17 as a VM and it is showing in the VM:


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