Panel intellihide taskbar not showing on Fullscreen games (osu!)

Idk if this osu fault or zorin fault or even my Intel Celeron but for some reason when I play osu! Lazer, super+I cannot show taskbar with panel intellihide enabled, even pressing super keys cannot show the activities overview

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I see that some software take full control of the screen, you can smash the keyboard attempting any key combo you want, they won't let the OS show anything. I had a game taking complete control making my laptop useless requesting to force-shutdown, uninstalled immediately. I see that while I play some games I can show the taskbar but only for few milliseconds, then it soon disappears. It's like a glitch and often displays some stripes on the screen but nothing permanent, just for a frame. If you still didn't, you can try enabling Request click on screen edge to show the panel and Allow the panel to appear when in full-screen mode.


Same. Some games take over the entire monitor. Others allow "Windowed Mode" which leaves the window borders with close maximize minimize buttons in place and the panel accessible.
Valheim allows windowed mode, while Astroneer takes over the entire screen and you must quit-game to get out of it.

I have not really had much trouble because I use Two Monitor setup... so if a game takes over the screen, I still have full access to panel and apps and whatever else on the other monitor.


Yes it's the exact problem as I encountered, but not every button doesn't work, switching between app by pressing Alt+tab / super+tab seems to work

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