Paragon NTFS Driver Install


I have Zorin 16 installed on a NVME (GUID), working all good so far.

I then attached 2 more drives, which were previously in a Windows desktop. I can read from them, but not delete nor write to these drives. I think this the limitation of the ntfs driver that ships with Zorin 16

What I would like is to set a partition for sharing between Windows and Zorin, files such as mp3s, photos etc (all non system files)

Paragons NTFS driver for Linux is suppossed to be the best, from features and performance persepctive. I can (think) I can live with the free verion. Yes, I know they are in the process of incorporting it into the next Linux kernel release but that will be months ago.

Has anyone tried installing this in Zorin OS 16 ?

I failed at the first hurdle:

1. Log in as root. This step is obligatory;
2. Build and install the 'NTFS for Linux' driver using the "" script.

I get this error after step 2

Searching and removing previously installed UFSD driver in /lib/modules/5.11.0-34-generic/
Preparing to install
Error: Can't prepare driver configuration

I checked in the readme for Paragon:

NTFS & HFS 9.7.5
Support for Kernel versions from 2.6.36 up to 5.12.x;
NTFS: Various bugfixes & improvements.

The current kernel in Zorin 16 is 5.11.0-34-generic

So that should be ok ?


According to the documentation, yes.
You may try Paragon Support to see if they need to examine the package (Note that below are actually two different links):

I think we all have an opinion as to how effective this action may be... So using the documentation provided by the above links, we should also comb them for any clues.

I saw a similar issue on a link and managed to progress:

I ran these two commands and then installed the script from Paragon and it run ok
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install dkms

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Is the above your solution? :slight_smile:

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