Partial Upgrade through Software Updater?

Thank you, Aravisian and zabadabadoo. A nugget at a time, I am learning more about Linux. Linux is also helping me practice patience and perseverance. Not sure I will have any time to do the reinstall yet this weekend. Probably next weekend.

Actually a question about the reinstall. Would it be better to burn a new iso so I have the current one from Zorin or can I use the iso I burned when Z16 Pro was first released and then do update/upgrade commands after install?

Again, thank you for all you do here on the forum.

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Either should work out fine.

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Found it! Public Health Warning by @Aravisian no less. :wink:

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Pop! OS is a nice upgrade :sweat_smile:

I think I used a flatpak or similar install from the store. Maybe. My memory is pretty vague at this point. In any event I missed the Public Health Warning. My bad.

It might be better served more prominently displayed than as a regular post buried in a thread...:wink:

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For some reason, other's have had to add the repo in order to install Popsicle. I never had to however, I just went into the software store, typed Popsicle, found it, installed it. I think its installed as a SNAP or FLATPAK IDK.

But yes, anytime you add a POP OS repo, your probably doing it so you can install some APP. If you don't remove the repo before updating the system, you can cause all sorts of system wide issues. Easy and quicker way to remove a repo, is to go to your software and updates app, then go to the OTHER SOFTWARE tab, and delete the POP OS repo there.

Sometimes when you have a 3rd party repo that is no longer valid, the system will force you to remove said repo to update the system in general too.

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@zGnOmaha - would you mind marking this thread as solved if your question has been answered?

Hi again,

I am in the middle of reinstalling ZorinOS 16 Pro from the ISO file I originally used back in August. Post install, to upgrade will these be sufficient:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Or is their a command needed that is something like

sudo apt dist upgrade

I at least read something like this somewhere. Maybe it’s needed when the district has upgraded to a new kernel which I believe Zorin has done since the August release.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade should be sufficient. I have never had to use dist-upgrade.

PS - Thanks for marking the solution but I believe Partial Upgrade through Software Updater? - #2 by StarTreker was the correct response to your OP that started this thread, so I changed the solution to that. If you disagree, please feel free to correct but as I understand, my response here was to your follow-up question and not a response to your OP, hence I didn't think it warranted being marked as the solution.


Thank you, @carmar

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Yes, you are correct. I forgot that marking one post as the solution takes it off another post.

Anyway, my reinstall went pretty quickly and smoothly. Streamlined a few things and refined a few settings more to my liking. My point though is this is all thanks to so many of you on this forum. You've helped me learn more than I realized. I am still a newbie though. :smiley:


Just have to vent: I am so happy this side of the reinstall. I did realize how bogged down my system had become with all the PopOS stuff on it. It is again a lean, clean, speedy machine.


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