Annoying waste of time

I use Mintstick for that purpose.
It comes with eraser and writer.


On linux is popsicle od something. Tested working.

I also have used Etcher with no bad effects ..... in fact my Zorin 16 Pro is installed on it .... I guess it is just the luck of the draw ... LOL ....

The USB's were wiped and installed with DOS new even tried a new SSD

Add the pop repo:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop

Then you can install:

sudo apt install popsicle popsicle-gtk

Remove the pop repo when finished:

sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:system76/pop

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Good day Folk

After trying a number of USB ISO burners I found one that works MutiBootUSB, yes I have the version 16 real disappointed so far in my display nothing as good as 15 maybe something to do with the Navida card.

The next challenge is to get the web builder program running.
thank you all for your help.
Keep safe

Maybe a new thread for this issue.

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Thanks folks for your help solved the installing issue with MultiBootUSB, graphics resolved learning to love Zorin once more.
And thank you Aravisian for you time & trouble.
Stay safe


I didn't know that Popsicle isn't in the repositories of ZorinOs. I know that it's in the AUR.

It is a POP_OS application.
Just as most Zorin Applications are not in the POP_OS repository...


I use this app it has work well as a alternative


@Buff what nvidia card are you using ?

Good day Anavisian

Thank you for the response I tried your advice no luck, not a serious issue however be nice to explore what it can offer.

As a foot note gone from being irritated & annoyed to impressed and pleased.

It is a shame that Brits have to pay more than those in the USA having said that I do don’t begrudge what is a platform that I would currently rate as in the top three, I would be happy to renew my subscription every three years providing that the cost did not exceed reasonable rate.

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@buff We Dutch pay more

Balena Etcher is good. If you have Windows, Rufus is even better. And it also has a portable version that you can dump in your "CloUd" :joy: storage. Just make sure you wear a rain-jacket! :ok_hand:

Nope its not, i killed 2 usb sticks with that tool and lucky me i could recover them.

For windows universal usb installer is a good tool.


Hmmm... it works perfectly fine on mine. Which means it should work perfectly fine on yours. Ca you retrace your steps and check for typos?

What are you doing with pendrive killer them?