Annoying waste of time

Just downloaded the latest version to my Zorin 15 box, ISO file needed Balena Etcher to load the USB as recommended. Don't you think for the money you could link a app to make the USB it just does not work without a lot of fooling around.
Are you going down the Bill Gates route selling stuff that does not work?
Annoyed and discusted

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What? Most Linux distro's need a USB writer to load it on a USB to install it. You can use other USB writers if you don't like Etcher. The dev's recommended Balena Etcher because it is super easy to use.


I think his problem is Balena Etcher, that tool is well known to kill usb sticks HOWEVER in windows there is a nice tool that can recover those death usb sticks.

@buff, there are plenty of usb flash tools like rufus / unetbootin. Please try those.


Here, follow my tutorial which is a part of my experience post. FYi, you can get Popsicle in the software store. Stay away from Balena Etcher, it destroys USB drives.

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Yes Balena Etcher sometimes don't work, but it's not ZorinOs's fault right?


@Buff -> free software tool for windows + instructions how to fix your usb if this is your problem. After recovery please use another flash tool.


But why recommend something that does not work, would it not make more common to have a simple update from Zorin 15 >16 or would that make some loss of revenue?


Yes, reinstalling is kinda a hasel. This is why I use Arch on my main machines, I use Zorin to host my syncthing and keypassXC only.


This is a Good Question...
There is no evidence it is revenue related...

ZorinGroup is in active development of a Direct Upgrade path.

It is not yet ready for release.

In the meantime, I prefer unetbootin or ventoy.

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Arch is a rolling release, if Zorin was rolling i bet you used zorin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. That said, Zorin will get a upgrade feature and they are working on it. When it will be released is unknown.


Maybe they add something like Linux Mint. Linux Mint have a update centre that lets you update without losing data.

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Or something like Pop! OS

But the details are unknown, we have to wait for it.

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That makes me want to switch

Mint does... and I respect the Mint Devs... but I dislike how they went about it. The MintSources package spreads its tendrils and just kind of takes over and good luck untangling it.
I really believe that could have been handled in a much better way.

Why not try it out? POP_OS is a solid distro.


Never had a problem with that when I used it, I just used it.

If you are using it as it is and upgrade in Mint along With Mint... you most likely won't have a problem with it. Unless you have a problem with a package that needs to be downgraded to work.
But... if you install some mint packages onto a different distro - as I do - then that MintSources package can get very proprietary and Utterly Break Your Operating system.


don't use Balena Etcher. Use popsicle instead, just made my Zorin 16 lite USB with it, installed on my old Lenovo,everything works!! right OOB. superfast OS, no Problems found (yet though)

When did popsicle get so popular?

15 November: When I started using it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It is working. In 90% you will succeed.

Same with other tools. Sometimes it will fail sometimes not.

Same with Windows tools. Also USB can be faulty.

Also devs can not try every tool available and test it for you.

Same with other distros. Other recommend Rufus, but it fails for me.

If you want to be sure, use dd.

Or Ventoy or any other tool..

Don't blame devs or distro for that