Zorin OS 16 PRO LITE - My Experience So Far 😁 :frowning_face:

Alright, here we go folks, another adventure, good or bad, your hear with me...

Now, since I had purchased Zorin OS 16 PRO, I get access to Zorin OS 16 PRO LITE. For those of you who purchased PRO, you were sent an email with your download link. All you have to do is access your email again, click on that link, and this time, there will be two available options. We Want Lite & And We Want It Now!

OK, so we got it downloaded, now what are we gonna do? Were going to hookup our 128GB Vectotech SSD USB drive, and try to not let our excitement adrenaline cause us to go too crazy. Thy calm and composed, wields the MSI shield, to bring fourth an ISO burn to victory.

OK, we managed to hookup our external drive without breaking something, congrats to us. Now, you guys should know by now, that my favorite APP for ISO burning is, DING DING DING, thats right, Popsicle. If you said Popsicle, you just earned yourself a star! :star2:

Before we burn our ISO though, we are gonna double check that SHA256 hash, to make sure we have a happy ISO, and not a grumpy corrupted one that is no fun.

!!!YAY!!! Success! You can't make a scene if you don't have the green, and now lets begin flashing that drive...

Alright, lets restart this computer, and hit that lovely F11 key, so we can choose our Vectotech to boot off if, so we can boot into the installation.

And....Here we are, to install today, ohhhh, how awesome it is!

My country we speak English, as much as I'd love to learn to read Japanese, that day isn't today. So with the selection of English, we can be on our way.

Were going to be doing a normal installation. And were going to be downloading drivers and updates.

You have the option to install alongside your previous Zorin installation, if you are installing it on the same drive. I however, am installing Zorin OS LITE on a separate hard drive all together, so were going to be choosing erase disk.

From this page, you choose which drive you want to erase. Please do not go speed racer here. Double check you are choosing the right drive. Cause if you choose the wrong one, and you erase it, it can't be undone!

On this page, the installer is letting you know what partitions its going to be creating on the drive. This is the first time I've ever installed an XFCE based OS, so I've never seen the partitions before. I had no idea that XFCE came with extra sensory perception. Maybe I could use that to win the lottery!

This is where you choose your location, or it could be your destination, depending on the way you look at it. Hey look, LA, Hollywood here I come. Look at that face, I'm an actor now, instant resume certification for hire!

Hmmm, you don't need to see my identification. So, you will move it along...

And now were finally instaling, WOOHOO!

Thats fine, we never needed that font anyway.

And now we are ready to restart into our new OS, and restart we shall!

Excellent work, you dispatched that click with great dispatch!

So, I was totally expecting to boot into my BIOS boot loader, to choose the drive to boot from. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered, that Zorin OS GRUB menu, can do that for me, from an OS boot perspective!

But, which one is it? As it turned out, it was the highlighted first one. These really should be named better to better differentiate them, as it is now, its quite confusing.

And here we are at the login screen, and my oh my, how tiny it is, on my 4K 55" TV! Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.

OK, Zorin OS 16 PRO LITE is online, awaiting configuration. I don't normally run the notebook screen, but I took a picture to show all 3 displays lit, cause I figured some of you might like to see that. Normally I just run the TV on the right, and the monitor on the left, thats all I need.

Installing my Nvidia 495 PROPRIETARY driver!

Because everything is so unbearably tiny on my 4K screen, razing the DPI in Appearance & Fonts, was the ticket. But it also presented new issues raising it that high.

Yes, it really had to be raised that much, in order to make everything viable on a 4K 55" screen, while sitting at a distance of 8 feet, from the TV. But by doing so, its caused issues like this...

And this...

Unless a remedy presents itself, I don't see of any solution in regards to this. Maybe one will come in the future from the Zorin team, we will have to wait and see.

Now, what is really great about XFCE so far? Well, its performance really. Zorin OS LITE performance far better then Gnome, when it comes to sheer speed. Everything runs lightening fast. Launching APPS, instant! Launching windows, instant! Accessing config settings, instant! Effect performance, smooth!

And where else does XFCE shine? Well, its well known for its customisability. And it has certain features in it, that Gnome lacks without an extension. One of the most common questions we get on the forum is, "is there any way that I can adjust my sound output from the system tray?"

Well, for Gnome users the answer is yes, sound input/output chooser, but its an extension you have to install. And unless a developer of said extension keeps maintaining that, Gnome will break that extension in the next update. But XFCE, comes with the ability built in, no extension needed!

Gotta love it, am I right, or am I right? :grin:

When it comes to trying out a new OS, its something you have to learn too. So a function that I am not sure of in XFCE is, where do I go to adjust my CPU frequencies? I know I can go into my Nvidia X Server Settings APP to adjust my GPU adapter, but where do I adjust my CPU?

Maybe I need an APP? Maybe so, but I haven't had a chance to get around to that, on count, that I have been dealing with major failings of XFCE. Oh oh oreo! Yes, lets return to reality a bit here, cause its not all skiddles and rainbows.

The Lid Switch: Yes, you know where this is going...

What happens if the lid switch actuates? The computer goes into suspend, cuts all signals to displays, causing it to forget them, resets power to RGB lighting like, mouse pad light strips, and disconnects the audio output interface if using HDMI or DISPLAY PORT.

When I open the lid, there is a short delay while it thinks about coming back on for me. I usually have to hit the power button to make it wake up too. After entering my password, I then have to go into the DISPLAY manager, and reconfig the the displays.

The BENQ monitor has to actually be turned off and on again, otherwise the computer refuses to see it ever again. The sound output down in the system tray has to be changed back to HDMI again, cause thats what I use, I also have to reset the mouse pad LED strip color to blue where I had it, just a real pain.

So naturally, I try to do the thing that I had to do with Zorin OS 16 PRO gnome variation, which actually worked for it, to disable the evil lid switch from hell. Its this stuff right here...

But would you believe it, it doesn't fix the issue at all! The popular work arounds, such as what you see there, didn't change anything. I also went into the XFCE Power Manager, I wanted to set the lid switch to do nothing, but thats not even an option for me. Look!

Switch Off Display, Suspend, Lock Screen. Thats all there is, no option to tell it to do nothing. I am starting to wonder if the best resource, is to somehow disable XFCE's entire power management suite, and make it go away for good. But I am hesitant to do that, without a guiding assistance from either Aravisian, or ZorinK's expert opinions.

So, with no resolution found for this either, I have resorted to the only thing that I can do. If I am going to continue using Zorin OS 16 LITE/XFCE, then I have to keep the lid open, its the only way. But I don't want the lid all the way open, that just invites unnecessary dust population.

I tried to find the sweet spot for my notebook, and believe it or not, my new notebook computer, has to have the lid opened more, then my old Acer did. I took a picture so you guys could see. Its not too bad I guess, but I'd really prefer the lid closed, I really do. And it would give the lid further protection if it were closed too.

Other issues that I've discovered so far, when using a dark theme, either from the Zorin OS build in system wide dark themes, or from an APPS built in dark theme, I have trouble with invisible, or extremely hard to see buttons in APPS. APPS like NOMACS and Kdenlive, just to name a few.

Those are theming related, and are probably super easy to fix, from someone who knows theming, like the Zorin brother's, Aravisian, or Storm. They are all competent theme creators, and I am sure they can think of some solution for that issue in no time.

Also, another issue, ghosting icons. Now, I am sure many of you know, on Zorin OS 16, its always been a thing, where you could turn on desktop icons, its part of the Zorin Appearance them package deal. Well, Zorin OS 16 LITE, also has this, you can turn on desktop icons.

And they do work well for the most part. But, I do find it strange, how drives/volumes, which are NOT mounted, still appear on the desktop, but are heavily transparent, ghosted icon. Maybe I am remembering things wrong, but I thought unmounted drives are not supposed to appear on the desktop?

Now, if a drive is mounted, and I have check-marked, show mounted volumes on desktop, yes, in that case, I do expect to see the mounted drives, no problem. I am sure many of these minor issues can be rolled out and fixed in no time.

But the Lid Switch is kind of a deal breaker. And I really would like a solution to this soon if possible. Maybe the Zorin brother's know what to do, and issue out an update for me. And that brings me to my last issue that I can think of so far. Oh yes, there's another one.

Hey guys, a brand new ship, doesn't go out to see without problems, thats why they call them shake down cruises. You figure out what the issues are while under way, then you come back with a list of things to fix or change for the ship engineers.

You know that famous keyboard issue I was having with POP OS? Ya, how can you forget, I only talked about it a million times on here, cause it caused me so much frustration, that in the end trying to fix it, I destroyed my POP OS installation in the process. Ya I know, what fun. :roll_eyes:

When I switched back to Zorin OS 16 PRO/Gnome, the problem was gone, I've never had an issue with my Corsair K95 Platinum RGB keyboard with the rapidfire switches. However, under Zorin OS 16 PRO LITE/XFCE, the keyboard issue is back.

With the first boot of the system, it was fine, after a reboot, and after logging in, suddenly, the keyboard was dead. Oh, it was still lighting up and everything, but hitting none of the keys worked. My dead keyboard made me think that the Zorin menu died, as I couldn't do anything with it via keyboard.

But it wasn't the Zorin menu that was dead, it was the keyboard. So, once I figured that out, I had to unplug it, and plug it back in, to get the keyboard functionality back. What a rollercoaster right guys? So thats pretty much where I am at right now.

I've done enough today, I've been up for a ton of hours, with only like 5-hours sleep. But I am going to leave you with some screenshots I took to finish this post off.

Screenfetch. Oooooo, pretty terminal XFCE has, me likey!

And here are the thermals as shown by Psensor!

And lastly, here's my Stacer resources screenshot!

I know what your thinking. I thought XFCE only used 1.2GB of RAM. Well, I think what it is, it will run on 1.2GB of RAM, but if you got more RAM then that, XFCE will use it, to perform even speedier like your every day speed racer. But please note, 2.8GB of RAM usage, is far less then what Gnome was using last night.

When I was last running on Gnome last night, I saw it was using 10.6GB of RAM! So yeah, I still think Zorin OS 16 LITE is the clear winner on RAM usage. Alright guys, I am tired, thanks for your time!


I have a old machine which is running on zorin os 15.3 lite without any problem. Would I be able to run Zorin os 16 lite too? Is there any requirements page for z16 lite?

Does your machine have a 32-bit CPU? If you answer yes, I would strongly recommend sticking with Zorin OS 15.3 as your last OS for that computer. If you have a 64-bit CPU, you can go ahead and try Zorin OS 16 LITE, but lets make sure you got maybe 2GB of RAM at least.

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Yeah, Mine is a 64 bit and it's exactly has a 2GB of RAM

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Well, if you'd like, you could always use my post here as a guide, because I literally took this forum, step by step on how to do it, via that method. And ya, try it out, see how you like it, and let the forum know your experience, or ask for help if you need it. But help requests should be in your own thread, don't place them here.

I wish you good luck!


You did, indeed, create an Installation walk-through with this.

I gots a star, too.

And now I know your location.

You point out some areas in need of troubleshooting. To be honest, it was too much all at once. Please feel free to start separate threads on each issue.


Outstanding write up very clear and precise .... even I could follow it along .... almost makes me want to give it a try ... key word here is ALMOST .... LOL ...... I really have no need at this stage of the game ....

Here ya go ya get another one of these .... OMG .... two in one day .... LOL


Thank you for acknowledging that, it was a lot of work, but I really wanted to do it to help people.

Yes you do get a star, congrats! :star2:

LA is a huge city, that spans a huge distance, I am not really worried about it. And California has a heavily strict government against law breakers. So even if someone tried to come and hurt me, they'd find themselves behind bars for a long time lol.

Keep in mind, this was more of a feedback thread, talking about my experience. I suppose I could have posted it in Feedback. But reason I didn't, is cause it was story driven, it was meant to be, like a book, part of my life.

This stuff was already covered in shorter form in that DM were a part of, so the Zorin brother's can just monitor that to save time. This was more for the forums benefit in general.

Plus, it was a bit of therapy for me, I needed to vent lol. Thank you for your post, much appreciated!


Some solutions may help others.

Or worse, they would have to deal with me.

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I think this post has inspired me to install the LITE XFCE... I like the way this looks WAY better. Just earlier today I was wanting an easier way to adjust volume in the tray and my prayers have been answered. Sorry gnome. I will report back with results.


Preston, I like the way you think! Tell me something, how do you like the way it looks now?

(1) Aravisian Predator theme installed with Prawler icon set.

(2) Zorin menu removed, Whisker menu installed in its place.

The result...

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on your Zorin OS 16 LITE experience. May it light up your night with Christmas cheer! :christmas_tree:

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I am installing it on a test machine right now!

I'll be honest. I am not a fan of that start menu. The boxes around the icons on the right half of your start menu remind of W8.1 or W10 which I always get rid of... However, your file explorer looks kinda cool. Reminds of an awesome theme I had on an old Gateway laptop. If I can bring that feeling back I will be a happy camper. I'm just hoping that all of my customization so far carry over. I made backups of everything.

Here's my current gnome desktop. Hoping I can improve on it. I am currently in love with the gnome editor. I got a chance to use it a couple of time today for work for scripting purposes which was awesome.

It's prOwler
Say it with me...


I recommend trying out Xed on Zorin OS Lite.
You will need to add the savoury repo in order to install Xed (It is an xapp).


Is the text wrapping from the massive resolution? I am not getting that so far.

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Yes, it is. Trekers DPI is set from 96 to a whopping 250.
It makes everything look... interesting...

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Thank you StarTreker! Your experience so far has been very enlightening. Thank you for all your hard work so we can learn the good and the problems so far with Lite. I also would find the laptop lid thing to be annoying.


Alright guys, I have returned after getting some solid sleep. I restarted my computer, I logged in, and of course, keyboard not working. So I unplugged and replugged it, to get it working.

I then closed the lid, and the computer went into full suspend. I don't think there is ever going to be working solution for this problem. XFCE is causing me a lot of headaches right now, and I am pretty tired of it.

I'd like to know what is so awful about my keyboard that Linux hates it so dam much too. But at least on Zorin OS PRO 16/gnome, my keyboard works perfectly fine under that variation of Zorin OS.

Furthermore, on the gnome variation, I was able to make those changes listed above, to make the OS ignore the lid switch. But it doesn't seem possible on XFCE, just too much broken with this OS.

So, I am not happy right now with this OS, until major changes have been applied by the Zorin team, to make these fixes, this OS is barely usable. I got to keep the stupid lid opened to use this OS, absolutely freaking ridiculous.

Someone I know, reminded me, to not forget to speak on the positives of this OS, because it isn't all negative. While the negatives are most certainly deal breakers for me right now, I will list some of the positives with the LITE build.

(1) XFCE is faster then Gnome. Much higher performance!

(2) XFCE Runs smoother then Gnome, most noticeable in system effects!

(3) XFCE uses less system resources, most noticeable in much less RAM is required!

(4) XFCE is more customizable then Gnome, you can do more with it!

Having said that however, unless core functionality improves in LITE, I have no drive to test further, like gaming for example. I still need to figure out how to manually change my CPU frequencies, so I am going to try and figure that out now.

UPDATE: So I did find an APP, too bad it doesn't work as good as the CPU Power Manager extension did in Gnome.

CPU Frequency Settings...

Since this APP provides no feedback, were going to use CPU-X to monitor core frequency.

If the sliders are lower then this level, it will allow the CPU frequencies to dip bellow 2.2GHZ, my stock CPU SPEC.

So far so good.

Now, lets set my CPU to 4GHZ...

As you can clearly see, the APP never raised my stock CPU spec any higher then 2.2GHZ. I've also tried 3GHZ, also did nothing. So, its clear the APP does not work. So I will be removing it, and trying to find another solution.

I do not believe it qualifies as broken when you are trying to break it.
When closing a notebook lid, the computer absolutely should suspend or shut down in order to prevent damage and over-heating.
I understand you have reasons to override that. But:

Really, read how this wording looks.

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I thought my experience was going to be better then this. This is absolutely unacceptable. I am going back to Gnome. XFCE sucks for me, at least in Zorin LITE. I gave it a chance, no work arounds. Not even a freaking APP to change CPU frequency works, nothing works that I want to do.

Forget gaming! If I can't control the CPU, gaming will be useless. The CPU must be allowed to push beyond 2.2GHZ, otherwise many high performance games will be sluggish. I wanted do gaming on XFCE, because of the higher performance. I had high hopes for this OS, but its been nothing but a disappointment for me. Its not ready yet.

I'm sorry, but the positives of XFCE, do not outway all of the deal breaking negatives for me. Until Zorin OS 16 Lite is improved, its just not gonna work for me. XFCE might work for other's, but not for me. So, shutting down, rebooting into Gnome.