Partial Zorin 17 upgrade

While upgrading from Core 16 to 17 yesterday, the upgrader encountered an error.
I was foolish enough to not take a screenshot or copy before rebooting, I only know it was related to apt not being able to update something.

However, the OS itself seems to have updated : the About section says I'm running Zorin 17, the UI has changed, the packages have updated, Synaptic says everything is fully up to date.

My question is : is there a way to monitor how far along the upgrade went, and if so if there's anything to finish or solve ?

EDIT : The upgrader now only offers the change to Pro. The OS as a whole feels slightly slower on some aspects, but I know this has been reported on fresh installs as well. Hopefully future updates will improve things on that front.

In terminal, does the following command produce any results?

cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log | grep "ERROR"

No such file or directory

I manually checked the folder and it is empty.
I also noticed that the power setting was on moderate by default after restarting, which was probably the cause of the performance issues. I switched to the higher power setting and everything is running smoothly as far as I can see.

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