Partition encryption

I am a linux beginner.
I have heard that windows home does not enable bitlocker, so even if you set a password, you can still connect the HDD to another computer and view the contents.
In zori os, if a computer with a password is stolen, can the contents be viewed by removing the HDD from the original computer and connecting the HDD to another computer? I would appreciate it if you could tell me.
Thank you in advance.

Yes, It can be accessed easily, you need to encrypt your drive during the installation in order to prevent this. But, I don not recommend doing that.

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Your question does not specify if you are referring to full disk encryption or not.
I will begin with the assumption of

Full Disk Encryption:

No, they cannot be viewed by hooking the HDD or SSD onto a different computer. The encrypted data is still encrypted and only the key can make it viewable.
Should the thief attempt to use Brute Force Cracking to try to break the encryption, they would either need more time than their lifetime allows or... a quantum computer.

To this end, the would-be thief would be far better served looking for an exploit that can either allow them access to data or an exploit that allows them to extract the encryption key.
While LUKS encryption is very secure, and only a knowledgeable professional could have a chance of performing the above procedure, there are no 100% guarantees in Hardware Security.
Encryption of your drive is a very strong security step, but cannot be the only step you take. Take other measures to protect your hardware from theft.

Full disk encryption would be applicable if you use this machine for heavy or highly confidential information such as customer banking information, market trading or the coca-cola recipe.
It is over-kill for the average user protecting their facebook feed.

Standard Login root password

Some data can be accessed if your hard drive is stolen. Root Password protects the system from User Changes running with Root. But it does not encrypt the hard drive data.
You can, however, encrypt sensitive data on Zorin OS individually by a variety of different means in order to protect sensitive information safely, password protect compressed files and keep your hard drive safely accessible to yourself.

If you would like to know more about these methods, please feel free to ask.


Thank you for your response.
Why should I not encrypt?
I browsed the link but it was difficult with my poor knowledge.

Encryption on the hard drive (LUKS) is very strong.
While that may sound like a boon, remember that a Very Strong Encryption can block and lock You out of your own data as much as anyone else.
Encrypting the essential files for your operating system - along with the entirety of the hard disk can become very problematic if bad sectors or hard drive failure corrupts the files in question - meaning you just lost all access to all your data, your Operating System and the entire hard drive.

This very strong encryption is pretty much over-kill for the average user.
If you work for the CIA or CocaCola, then by all means, use it. Since those entities have redundant encrypted backups.
But for the average user, usually using localized encryption for sensitive documents and files is more than enough security.
You can encrypt Compressed Data on Linux very easily with a password for yourself.
You can manage GnuPG on your own...
Or you can use something like GnomeEncFS, VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt, CryFS, and others.


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