Partition home

I have one hard disk ssd full empty.
It is impossible to add to linux like a /home partiton on second hard disk or it will be invisible just like another hard disk. I mean some data files like old time on windows 2 partition one on operating system and another on data files.

Yes, you can add partitions to zorin or any other Linux distro. If you didn't do it on the installation, you will have to add entries to the /etc/fstab with the uuid, mount point, file system type (ext4, ntfs), permissions (octal values), and any flags for the drive.

This isn't the only way, it can also be done in gparted, specifying the same info but creating the fstab entry for you.

A home partition will be mounted on /home, other "data" partitions will be mounted under /mnt or /media. Swap is special and mounted on the /swap.

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I wondering about that something

You can use clonezilla, if you have enough connections, to do the same thing

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