Partition removal

i was having an 1 tb hard disk but now i bought a ssd and place whole system of laptop in ssd and use old hard disk as an external storage devices but it had some old partition i have delete them and make all one some is in some its kind of mess i want full 1 tb simply i want to remove all partitions

one more question to ask that if i remove partition my hard disk data will be formatted or not

You can use the application gparted to remove partitions and to format the drive.
Ensure that you understand that this will wipe all data from that partition.
You can remove a partition by selecting it, then clicking the - button (-)
This will cause the area where you removed a partition to become Free Space.
When you have removed the partitions you wish gone, you can select the now larger section of Free space and click the + add (+) button.
A popover window will ask you for details to Format That Free Space.
Choose the format you prefer - I recommend ext4 if you are uncertain.

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Partitioning is a low level process that determines how the OS can store and manipulate data on the drive. Because of this, making any changes to the partitions in the drive will erase ALL of the drives contents. This is important to understand since the partition format determines how data is stored and where the OS can find everything.

I think what the OP is wanting to know will his data be safely removed by deleting the partition. Yes to begin with. If you want to securely delete the data on the old SATA drive then you could run Hiren's Boot CD and use the Hard Disk Tool DBAN to seurely erase all data - assuming you have made a backup first! Or download DBAN from here:

or alternatively, Active Kill Disk - choose the Linux version from here:

hey i am using an external hard disk and when i connect it and use gparted it shows this error

after this presssing retry and ignore does'nt work and after that i presses cancel then it shows normal 256 gb ssd only not external hdd

If you want to delete all the partitions from the hard drive, then you can simply format the whole drive instead of deleting the partitions one by one. Make sure you have a backup of the files if they are important.

hey after formatting when i unplug the hard disk and replug it again it is not showing not detecting in files then i plug it into my smartphone it is also not showing there

In GParted you are seeing the internal drive - to see external drive you need to use the drop-down arrow next to the drive info top right of gparted screen to view other drives!

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After formatting you need to create new volume(s) where you can store your files. Since you will be using it as an external hard disk. I recommend you use FAT as the format.

hard disk is not detecting when i am plugging it is not detecting on my laptop now nor on my android
but when i open disks software it shows there what shall i do

It looks like you have free space that needs formatting - that is why it is not showing up. For any drive to show up, it needs to be formatted.

Like I said, you need to create a partition in it. You have formatted the dirve and now it is left with only free space. Go ahead and create a partition by clicking on '+' icon then choose a name for it, then choose "FAT" so that you can use it as an external hard drive.

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If going to use as an external backup device, install Timeshift and save snapshots to it, making sure you format to Ext4 FS or you won't be able to do backups or System Restore.

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