Partitioning drive for fresh install of the OS

Anyways, I'm considering deleting my current Zorin OS and then reinstall it again on the same SSD, what partitions should I make to prevent getting the issues I mentioned above?

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I'd rather simply just get the answer to my question right here.

Also should I replace Gnome with XFCE instead?
How will Zorin Core be affected?

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Have you seen this: [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16

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When I reinstall Zorin on my 1st Slot SSD, Will this affect my 2nd Slot Windows 11 SSD in any way?

No, the only effect will be that your bootloader will include an entry for Zorin OS Grub.
They are separate drives.

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Alright, I still have my Zorin OS Live installation USB with me, when I start the reinstall what do I do on the disk partition section?

Last time I had done no disk partition which I won't repeat again.

The Disk partition should be on the drive that does not contain Windows OS.
Select the partition that you want to install to and click the (-) button. Once that deletes the partition, Select the newly created free space that used to be that partition and select the (+) button. A PopUp window will appear and ask some basic information. Select to type to logical, location to "beginning of this space", format to ext4 journaling file system and Please Do Not Forget to set your Mount point to /

Once done, click to proceed.

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My SSD will only have Zorin OS on it so what partitions should I install to make the most of Zorin OS?

Well, whichever large partition you want. I recommend it be a minimum of 64gigs...

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This depends on whether you want a separate home partition, data partition, swap if you plan on hibernating, your system partition and an efi for grub. So, it depends.

This is a matter of preference. The base will be two partitions. Separating home will allow config files and personal data to survive reinstallation, possibly even reinstate configurations once applications are installed.

This will be your decision, regardless of recommendations.

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