Partitioning to installation

Hello. I have question. My first installation Zorin after out is broken. I would like the same size partition as before. What should i do? Renew partitions or just click install?

If they are still labelled 'root' (/), /home, swap area (if HDD), using GParted don't mark /home or swap (if relevant) for formatting - just install root system to '/'. Alternatively, backup your /home partition and start afresh, remembering to show hidden files when backing up as these hold application settings e.g., .mozilla for firefox.

But first, try this solution:

Backup home folder was created yesterday. I will delete all remove all partitons and renew efi/esp /root /home and swap.
Yesterday i tried all commands with fsck it was no hope.
One what i learning very important partition is /home - there are all photo,document,download files, video and etc.
Everytime when i doing something again i discovered some small treasure.

I remember also when i was on course CompTia IT when you using linux you can working with internet when you doing installation process.

Did you try e2fsck as I had to use this in the past. Thought it was in the manual but think it might have been in a post on old forum.

Yes. Yesterday. You can check my topic where i wrote a command. You can test that on virtual machine. Then you will seeing it is dead. I am now on installation process Zorin. Terminal is very powerfull.

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