Passage Zorrin 16 Beta à la version final pro

Serat-il possible de passer de la version 16 Beta à la version final ou idéalement la version final Pro ?
D0avance un grand merci

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As I understand it, you will need to install Zorin Pro when it is released.

Si je comprends bien, vous devrez installer Zorin Pro lors de sa sortie.

First of all, welcome to the community.
The first thing you point out, possibly.
The second thing I see as unlikely. Zorin Os Pro was created to help generate financial income, in order to maintain the project. Let's not forget that this is one of the main problems facing distributions (so much so, that there are several that have been canceled, some very good ones like Chalet Os, for lack of funding).
Now, there are many programs that come preinstalled in the Pro version that can be done manually in the Core version.

Merci pour la réponse.
J'ai mal formulé ma question désolé.
Pour moi ilest normal et je vais le faire volontier de passer à la version payante.
Du coup, je voulais savoir si je mets la vertion beta qui avec les mises à jour est presque la final, si je dois tout réinstaller ou pas.

You have to make a fresh install if you're going Zorin 16 Pro.
The Zorin 16 core beta will eventual become stable release, but the Zorin devs encourage people to do a fresh install when Z16 become released.

Je vais patienté pour faire l'installation de la version final qui je crois arrive la semaine prochaine.

Oui ZorinOS 16 sort mardi prochain, donc plus que quelques jours d'attente :slight_smile: Bonjour de Belgique!