Passing errors?

Hi, is there a way to remove or repair these parsing errors, I have tried and googled it, but still not sure how I do so?

The two first two you can remove without any harm, as I recall it you removed Steam from your system.

That leave it two the two last apps USBView and Textdoctk. Did you uninstall these two apps?

last apps USBView and Textdoctk . Hi, I don't think so, I can't see why I would? so I assume if I search for those two I can delete them, as for the "steam" ones? would that be the same? are they all in files?

Aye you can deleted them. Afterall they are only .desktop files :). I see they are spread out in different directories. The one in Zorin PATH I would leave - as it might be something to do with the system, but the Steam ones and the USBView you can remove.

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Many thanks for your time, regards Mike.

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