Password prompt after leaving PC idle for a few moments

Hello, The Forum,

Dell 580s, stock
Zorin 16.2

Figured out how to configure things so that I don't have to log in at boot, but if I leave my PC idle for five minutes, I come back to a password prompt to return to the desktop.

Just sort of annoying. Nobody has access to this machine but me.

Any way I can disable this? Can't seem to find anything specific to this problem in The Forum.



Check Settings -> Privacy -> Screen Lock - sounds like your screen lock timeout. You can disable the lock timeout, or have it on a delay; mine is 1min. If I'm not around after 1min, screen lock kicks in and requires my password to unlock.

Hey, PK,

Right, that's what is happening, but forgot to mention this is 16.2 Core. You're talking about Pro? Can't find Privacy or Screen Lock under Settings.



Turned off Screensaver, which was set to five minutes. Maybe that will do the trick?

Hm :thinking: I have Core 16.3 odd.. Maybe the .2 is the difference?

It's about the same 'Settings' menu from vanilla Ubuntu; slight differences.

That seems to have been the problem.

In Windows, all Screensaver does is start an abstract image of Bill Gates' knob bouncing around the display, as though it were playing Pong with itself. No need to log back in.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Some of those kibbles look pretty ripe. Maybe pick a few and check it out?

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That is not a Pro Feature. Zorin OS Pro does not hide functionality behind a paywall.

Can you take a screenshot of your settings window? It sounds like you are describing Zorin OS Lite. Your Profile says Zorin OS Core.

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I'm not sure I follow this one :laughing:

Plump = ripe?

Are you British, referring to a mining bucket? I'm in the US, kibbles are dog treats of various origin.

Never mind.

Thanks again.

cat /etc/os-release

Says I'm on 16.2 but not which version. This install is now pushing 15G. That's Lite?

I can call up my Settings window, but cannot figure out how to screenshot it. Right clicking on it does nothing and there is no apparent native ability to do so. Making it stay on top and taking a screenshot just shows the underlying browser page but not the Settings window.

Even Zorin OS Pro is not 15gigs in size.
Zorin OS Core and Lite are about 4 gigs in size freshly installed.

You can tap the PrtSc key to take a screenshot.

No no, I'm in the US as well - I think there's still some family in Cork Ireland though :thinking:..

The 'PlumpKibbles' was an old Xbox Live gamertag. Couldn't think of anything that would be worth trying to think of as a 'handle', left it up to the random generator and that's what came out - so kept it lol I use it for pretty much everything so I can claim it on all platforms! :smirk:

But yeah, no worries!

Apparently that's how the Grateful Dead named themselves -- two random words out of the dictionary,

Don't know how much I believe that, but it fits.


I've never gotten a fresh install of less than 7G, and I've done this half a dozen times due to various screwups. This then begins to balloon with the addition of various software -- media players, our buddy Culero, Qbittorrent, Transmission, MediaHuman, nags from Zorin to download updates, etc.

Anyway, that worked. Many thanks!

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Your screenshot does indeed show Zorin OS 16 Lite.
I have no complaints, I prefer Lite...
But I did want to clarify that for your use - in case you preferred Core or so you can update your Profile.

Thanks, A,

Shall do. It's working pretty well so far, bit of a learning curve but nothing drastic. Pretty glad to put Windows in the rearview mirror.

Thanks Again!


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