Password safe recommendations?

Anyone have a password safe app or service they really like. Looking for something that is compatible for both Zorin and iOS

KeePass is the best one available as far as I know. It's free and open-source and there are several apps based on KeePass available for all platforms. For windows, the original Keepass works the best and for Linux(Zorin), KeeWeb is great. KeePassXC is also very popular but keeweb has more functionalities and the UI looks nicer. It's a fork of KeePass. The best thing is that these applications use standardized formats and do not limit you to using their application only. You can open Keepass files in Keeweb and vice versa.

Bitwarden. It's open source, has an app and add ins for Firefox etc. It's also free or you can pay £10 a year and get storage and lots of other extras.

I have been using KeepassXC.
It is a cross-platform app which can be used in Windows /macOS/Linux.
If you also use other OS in addition to Linux, it comes handy.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will be checking them out. Have a great weekend.


Thank you again for the suggestions. I researched the options above and a few others and couldn't quite find the functionality I was looking for. Could be that I didn't understand how to use the items I researching fully. So I researched my current pwSafe and thought it sounded similar in some ways to Password Safe I had been seeing on the Linux store. The two apps have completely different logos. But on the website for Password Safe, at the bottom right corner was my pwSafe logo listed as a clone of Password Safe. After a bit of experimentation, I have full functionality albeit via slightly different steps. Alas, I don't have to import to a new safe and all the other potential chores of a transition. Life is good. haha

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