Pathfinder: Kingmaker a MUST for D&D nerds


I occasional (ehem...okay, often) buy games on Steam. This day I stumble upon Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It's an absolute gem if you're are into D&D. Of cause the best would be play real D&D, but if you don't know anyone who plays D&D with or just want to play a nice computer games with endless possibilities - THIS is the game.

I have just recorded the intro of the game so you can feel the vibe:

You can get the game enhanced edition on Steam for around 20 euro. And I promise you that you get alot of fun with it.

Rating: 6 hearts out of 6
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Hardcore gamer, what games do you play?

Mostly games with turn-based RPG or Tactical games. Also rogue/card games I find joy with.
I play Xcom 1+2, Total warhammer 1+2, Baldurs Gate 3, Banners of Ruin, Chronicon at the moment.

Here's a video how I made an Elf Magus - Sword Saint.