Pause without logging out

How can I put my desktop computer on pause without logging out in Zorin OS 16 Core

Answering this really depends on what goal you wish to achieve.
There is

  • screensaver
  • suspend
  • hibernate

Each of these will need the User and Password credentials to access the desktop.
Screensaver with Monitor in sleep (Blank screen) is going to preserve the session and activity as you left it, but not necessarily halt a running process. - Easy to set up.
Suspend is similar to above, but will halt more running processes and saves session to RAM - Easy to set up for most
Hibernate saves session to disk, allowing Full Halt but renewal of the session (Which is why Swap needs its own partition). - More advanced set up

Hi dear Aravisian,

in zorin os 15 i could put the computer to sleep and wake up again the next day without password
that's what i wanted to achieve with zorin os 16

Can you help us readers understand how you did so? Did you choose Suspend from the Zorin App menu?

Although Aravisian encouraged me to post, I was waiting for @Zorinhendrik to respond to Aravisian.

Leaving this here for the record - I don’t know of any way to make Core do that. I do know that in Z15 Lite, if (1) during installation you select “Login automatically” & (2) post installation if you disable the screensaver, you can accomplish what you want with those two steps.

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To answer you...
When I click on the group of icons that contain the on and off buttons in the taskbar, I can click on pause.

Hooray, Carmar just gave me a hint and it worked. I have set my account to auto login and it works.


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