Pc getting slower

I run a dual core pentium e6600 with 4GB of ram. I run Zorin lite. I could swear with all the recent updates my pc has got slower to boot and slower generally. Is it me?

Still running strong here.

Test your system:

systemd-analyze blame
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I have installed kdenlive, microsoft edge and dropbox. The only startup app is dropbox. I couldn't say to what extent it seems slower. It's just an impression. Overall I'm very happy with Zorin Lite; it's better than linux mint cinnamon edition I was running before. My goodness that was slow to boot up.

It could be that things have slowed a bit.
If it just seems a little slower over-all, this is unlikely to be a memory leak.

You might try clearing some things out:

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=2d

You may want to check ~/.cache for swelling.

I'm not using more than 30GB of my 120GB disk. I'm not sure that clearing things out will help.

It's not about how much total space you are using; it is about what must be waded through during init.

That said, I am not sure, either. It's a general suggestion for a general query.

Did you try the commands I gave you? It would give an insight what may cause/blame the long boot up time.

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