PC suspends to power saving mode if audio is running in Firefox

I'm listening to radio.at while my PC is going to sleep...

How i can prevent this...

Has anybody tips for me

While there are some configuration files you could change to disable Power saving mode... You did not specify if you want power saving disabled.
So the easiest suggestion would be to install caffeine.
The Caffeine app prevents powersaving and sleep during activities like Music and Video.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install caffeine

i want powersaving turned on

Then let's try the caffeine app and see if it helps solve the issue.

Has the app to be opened the whole time

I have no idea. I have never used it.

I use Zorin OS Lite, so...

The app itself consumes minimal power. It simulates the mouse being jiggled (Without affecting the cursor movement) leading the system to believe that the computer is not idle.

Caffeine works on the basis of stimulating small cursor movements to fool the system of user interaction. I would activate it when doing a presentation etc when you do not want a screen to go to sleep.

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