PCloud and MailSpring

I was wondering if anyone was able to get PCloud working on Zorin? I downloaded the 64 bit for linux but it just fails to do anything and the Zorin software interface basically says it has no idea what to do with the file.

When you download PCloud all you get is a single file called PCloud. - Download pCloud Drive - Solve Low Disk Space on your device

It is hard to decide on certain things from the repo as once you go to the website for lots of things you notice they have not been updated in years. Looking to check this one out. Any information as to why it does not work is appreciated. I am trying to understand the what's and why's of all I can in linux. So please be thorough in your explanation if possible.

On a side note if there is something more recent, secure and well just better out there please let me know.

Oh also, if anyone has gotten MailSpring to work please let me know. I really like the interface and it would be great if MailSpring would work with Gmail.

From the pcloud website you have to download the file, set the execution bit and then double click to install.


OMG! Could it have been any easier? For those that don't understand what that means, it means in the gui, go to your files, find that file, right click on it, go to permissions and check the box that says "make this executable" or there just might be a check box for executable depending on what you are running. Thanks so much for the response. I appreciate it.

side note: I am getting this error when I click on updates in the software updater.. actually it just pops up when I open it up. Can you tell me what it is?

Thanks for the help! oh the update for Telegram has nothing to do with it I don't think as that update no matter how many times you click update just sits there and does nothing.

I really hate having to create a new thread for a specific title.. However, it might be best in this situation so that this error be dealt with on its own. I will repost with the last entry before this one.

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