PDF to DOC converter using OCR

I am looking for a .pdf to .doc converter with OCR function. I have tried PDFStudio, MasterPDF etc but they are paid version. I used Foxit editor in windows10 and it worked like charm. is there any such alternate software in zorin?

Foxit comes also for Linux OS.

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Does the default PDF viewer that comes with Zorin have the OCR function? I don't use PDF software a lot. I just open them through my browser.

Don't know. I don't edit pdf files. But Foxit is available for Linux from their homepage.

K. When I was using Windows, I used Adobe Acrobat for opening PDFs. This was before I knew foxit existed.

BTW, what is OCR in PDFs?

With the use of image text converter, we can easily convert image into text

Optical Character Recognition

So what does that do?

Optical Character Recognition.

In terms of Windows Apps, Sumatra PDF has always been far superior to Adobe Reader, not least because when Reader was over 100 Mb in size, Sumatra was only 10 Mb. Adobe, like M$ is bloatware. You can also extract text from a pdf using Sumatra PDF, this being reliant on a PDF having been created with OCR function. This function under Windows is needed for applications such as Abbyy Fine Reader and OmniPage, neither of which I liked at work. GNU/Linux is far superior for it's OCR apps and tools. If a PDF has not been created with OCR, then it becomes an image. Enter the command line tool of ocrmypdf.

ocrmypdf [name of pdf] output.pdf

If not able to convert with above command;

ocrmypdf --force-ocr [name of pdf] output.pdf

(You can use different name to output.pdf - just easier to locate. You can always rename afterward.
Whilst PDF Studio is a paid for version, it is only 1/5 the cost of Adobe Acrobat with all the extras Adobe charges for in addition at no extra cost. It is good to support Software that supports GNU/Linux.

Just to add you should not be saving to .doc format on any platform due to security issues with .doc files, should only be .docx if creating for Windows recipient.

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Only foxit reader is availbale for linux. I want to use foxit editor which has the capability to covert .pdf to an editable .docx file. I cant find any such alternate software for zorin.

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Time to write a long letter to Foxit then :wink:

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Just tried this with Unofficial Manual and it works well:


Found via:



I usually use an online document converter. But recently I ran into a problem. I needed to scan documents, but no program does it well. Any tips?

The Sane tools usually work fairly straight-forward on Linux, but several GUI Programs are available:

Hi! I use a special application to scan documents. I work with documents on a daily basis, and I often need the information from them in an electronic format. I also use online services to format documents from .doc to .pdf. But unfortunately, the online scanner gives me documents of poor quality. I recommend you use https://smartengines.com/ to scan anything you need: documents, driver's licenses, credit cards, insurance policies. I think a system like this, which includes all these features, is very convenient for someone who works with papers on a daily basis.

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