PDFsam for Linux

I write things. Scientific things. Sometimes I send those writings to people, in PDF format. Sometimes I have to curate the length or layout of the file.

I just learned that the same software I used for manipulating PDF files under Windows also has a .deb package version for Linux! And it's the same exact program... same layout, same look and feel, same functionality, same everything.

So essentially, I'm now using all the same software I used under Windows (except for the molecular modeling software... still looking for a good replacement to that)... LibreOffice as office suite, SRWare Iron as browser, PDFsam for PDF manipulation, FoxIt Reader for reading, annotating, signing PDF files... why would anyone use Windows nowadays?


Do you use anything for LaTex?

I used LibreLaTeX and TeXmath under Windows, but I'm having troubles getting any extensions installed on LibreOffice under Linux... I'll hack away at it until I figure it out.

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This has been an ongoing struggle for me. I have been using an Online Service all this time.
The libre--- It just doesn't work for me well.

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Whoa! I just got TeXmath to install!

First, LibreLaTeX isn't going to work... it has to be a .otx file extension, and LibreLaTeX is the older .ott file extension. I was hacking away at LibreLaTeX, and TeXmath just installed no problem.

Download the file, double-click the file from the drop-down "Downloads" list in your browser... LibreOffice pops up and installs it.

You can also download the file to your desktop, then in Terminal:
sudo /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/unopkg add --shared -s -f /home/$USER/Desktop/YOUR EXTENSION.otx

Here I was hacking away at the command line, trying a thousand and one permutations, and that's all it took... getting an extension with the correct three-letter extension. LOL

After you get the TeXmath LibreOffice extension installed:
sudo apt install texlive dvipng

Then in LibreOffice, open the TeXmaths System Configuration dialog box, and under "LaTeX (mandatory)", put the path /usr/bin/latex, and under "dvipng (optional)", put the path /usr/bin/dvipng.


What I'm missing as an Author when I writes is a spell checker that is as good as Office365. I haven't seen an alternative yet. Though WPS office mimic Office365 the language support is horrible unless you speak top 6 language of the world.

I'm working on exactly that right now. Just installed Angry Reviewer, now to find a good spell-checker.

I'm going with Scribens English (and French) spelling and grammar checker.

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Just open Synaptic Package Manager and enter "molecular" in the search window. There is a host of stuff in there.

You could always use Wordweb online:


Lots of useful maths (UK spelling!) links here:


ghemical looks pretty good, it's based upon OpenBabel, and it's made for Gnome.