Pentium 4 and Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft does stupid again. I'm glad I'm daily driving Zorin OS 16 Pro now. First installation last month and decided to switch to GNU/Linux then. Haven't used Windows 10 more than two hours in the last month.

Windows 11 hardware requirements made a mockery of by an Intel Pentium 4 processor.


Oh, I dunno... I think this mistake may benefit some Windows users. For a while.

It is not a rocket science to override this hardware restriction by MS.
Even a mere mortal like myself already figured out how to do it by simple editing of Registry during Win11 installation.

As a person that actually can calculate La grange points and do "rocket science", I can say: It's not rocket science to do rocket science... when you know how.
When you do not know how... It is rocket science.


I would want to treat him with my many fists. I like the last guy though. Lol.

Microsoft provides instructions on how to modify the registry to install Windows 11 on older machines , but you could run into problems down the road. Their update system can detect those computers there is no official support and many users could have reinstall for any feature or security updates.

I'm guessing the Pentium 4 compatibility was an over-site.

How I love this British humour!
Thanks for sharing this with us.
I almost choked up with my afternoon coffee. :coffee:

It is one of my favorite skits of theirs. The other being, "Are we the baddies?"

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I love British Humor too FrenchPress! And inline with our discussions on Windows, I could not think of a better bit of comedy for all of us folks at the Zorin Forum. Enjoy!


Old PC.

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