People Switching From Windows, I have the solution!

So, maybe you have heard of this software called "Crossover".
It does a very nice work because it is a (paid) version of wine and I managed to PERFECTLY run there Office 365.
I can even run Outlook! So now I can avoid to use my windows vm!
I recommend it to y'all


Interesting idea thanks for posting ..... $74 is this per year or onetime payment ..... ooooops found out it is yearly .... :sob:

What are the disadvantages of Crossover ?????? .....

How long have you been using it ????? ......

I saw the video's for Linux and checked out their program compatibility for several programs like Internet Download Manager ..... IrfanView and several more they claim they will work without having Windows installed .....

I run a dual boot machine Zorin and Win 10 ..... does that mean I can delete Win 10 completely and still use Crossover ????? ....

I heard that Crossover is actually just a version of Wine and I don't have or want Wine installed on Zorin as it is a memory hog and also can cause problems .....


Oh, if you don't like wine you shouldn't be using crossover


Crossover is the paid-for version of Wine as far as I know, so has the same functionality. So how is it different and better than Zorin's Windows App Support (Wine, POL etc), except maybe support?

I had an old Windows app running OK on Z15 using Windows App Support, but I can't get it installed since upgrading to Z16. So still doing dual-boot.

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It may be that Crossover is always the latest stable version.

You had an app that you cannot get installed on Windows App Support? Or you cannot get Windows App Support to install?
Which - would also be a topic for a separate thread...

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I cannot get it (a MS app) to install. The app setup screen runs, but I cannot enter the key as the on screen box is too small to allow entry of the correct number of characters to complete the key. I searched the web extensively for solution or hints, but gave up. I made a post on another Wine related thread here before, but was not expecting a solution. It is not worth a new thread, as I don't think there is an easy fix.

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Is this an Office app? I could test it on Crossover and report if you want.

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You will need a valid product key, also I have no intention of using Crossover, so no point trying it. So thanks, but no thanks :slight_smile:


Okay! I tried haha


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