Permission denied for internet downloads

I am new to Linux and I managed to install Zorin 16 on my fourth attempt, dual boot and did a lot of reading about this "new world" i'm in!
I managed to use the terminal a few times and even downloaded Synaptic Packages Manager but i am hitting a wall here when it comes to upload and mainly download stuff from the internet. Right now I am trying to download a zip file: SDK Platform-Tools for Linux and of course: permission denied. I have found and tried some solutions in the forum but they did not work.
And other problem I have with Linux; actually it is more of an annoyance because I know the solution is that I have to enter my password every time I want to change something or install an update for example.
Hopefully someone can give me the solution and I thank you in advance.


Installing updates and Changing Core settings require entering the password, I know this is frustrating but every Linux has the same procedure. If you are installing something or purging (removing) you can use the terminal codes available in the internet for the following as terminal only asks for password once in a window.
Most of the settings could be easily acssed through the terminal and could be processed easily.

About your zip package problem, Some Locations are not allowed for user access until the use of sudo command, But you can change the download location to home/username/Downloads in your browser settings.
I hope this will provide you your solution :smiley:


Thanks Ghostminator.
I did go into my browser (Brave) and when I tried to change the download location, the downloads folder comes up automatically, even with a second window open with the Administrator root/home/xxxx/Downloads next to it! I even managed to insert this administrator folder in the left column but the browser refuses to see it.
I have no idea on how to override this permission business. Thanks anyway.

Start up Terminal, then issue the command to start Brave under super user...

I'm unsure of what exactly Brave calls its program, but it'd be something like:

sudo brave

Enter your password, Brave should pop up with super user permissions.

You can do the same with gedit to edit system configuration files and save them, and with nautilus (the file manager) to work with system files.