Photo app for batching

Can anyone recommend a photo app that handles batch files .... besides Gimp .... I am using gThumb at the present and it doesn't have that feature or at least I can't find it ....

I used to use Infranview on Win but a search on Synaptic doesn't show any results .... and a search for Graphics or pictures makes search impossible due to the hundreds of choices none of which I understand ....

Batching is kinda important to me as like today I have downloaded 80 some photos and I need to change the format and name of them ... almost impossible to do by hand ...

Hi there Frog,

I believe this one was mentioned some time ago by Bourne. I have never tried it.


Another is Hugin Batch processor:

(I think it comes with Zorin OS Pro.)


Thanks guys I found both of them in Synaptic .... I'll check them both out .... :+1:

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