Photo organizer software for Zorin Lite

I am looking for a good photo organizer. I want it to download photos from my cameras, and to be able to organize those photos into folders. Photo editing is NOT the priority.

Could you specify why file browser is not suitable for this task for you?
We might then be able to suggest something

The gThumb Image Viewer is pretty good. You can find it in the Software Store.

I am currently unable to download images from my cameras.

Can you be a bit more specific?

  1. What brand of camera and model number (e.g. Sony H90X)?
  2. How are you connecting it to the computer (bluetooth, USB cable,etc)?
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I have a Canon PowerShot AZ720IS, a Kodak PIXPRO FZ45, and a Polaroid ISO48. All connect with USB cable.

I have a rather old Nikon Coolpix. When I connect the USB cable from camera to PC, Zorin Lite recognises it as connected (under Home > Devices> Camera). The camera memory will open as a folder. Usually I select the lot, right click 'Copy' then paste it into my Pictures folder with a new sub-folder. Then delete the photos on the camera. In the past I have used various apps to download and store pictures, such as Shotwell or Gwenview, but I prefer to name and organise things as I want.

Zorin now recognizes my camera and I can transfer photos. However, the photos are viewed in Ristretto, which does not allow me to rotate them. So I'm looking for a photo organizing program that allows rotation.

Previously I did mention 'Gwenview'. You can install it from the Software Store, but before installing it, look at "Source" in the top right hand corner. Click and change from 'Snap Store' to the 'Zorin package'. Later if you are looking at your photo files, just right click on an individual picture: "Open with Gwenview". This will give a menu offering Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Resize, and more. Then save the adjusted picture.

Gwenview seems to work for rotating images.

I have had more thoughts on your photo viewer. I use Gwenview as it has a quick choice to resize pictures as email attachments. However, you may find Shotwell a better "all in one" viewer. You can install it from Software (Zorin package) and try it. If it suits you overall, you can set it to open all your images instead of XFCE's built-in Image Viewer (Ristretto) which I have never cared for as it is very basic. If you want to use it for all images, right click on any picture file, go to Properties, change 'Ristretto' to 'Shotwell'. It will then open all JPGs etc in Shotwell. Just a suggestion.

Ristretto have options to rotate images
Rotate right: Ctrl+]
Rotate left: Ctrl+[

Thanks. That works. Too bad Ristretto has to be so cryptic with rotation.

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