Photoshop and Illustrator in Linux

Hi everyone!

I just like to share this stuff I found in youtube if ever there is someone here who like to use Photoshop or Illustrator in Linux.

There are those who can't easily leave Windows but wanted to go to Linux because of these softwares that usually needed in creative industry so here. A bit help!


I've used PS on windows, of course Gimp became my main photo editing program when I started using Linux. Because I'm just an amateur, can't do any comparison, also can't say that I miss any of the options which comes with PS.

But I liked this, have installed it and it works, except for the launching. Somehow it does not add it to the menu under the Wine apps. But I can launch it, navigating to the installed folder.

Ps, have not installed Illustrator, because I have never used it.

Personally Affinity Photo and Designer are better applications and cheaper than Adobe but can achieve the same reults - Solution? Install Windows on Virtual Machine Manager and then get Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer - a lot cheaper - one off payment and no rental. A design company (We Design) ditched Adobe for Affinity because the workflow is so much better. There is also Affinity Publisher.

Thanks you so much, I Will try it later on. I am able to use my adobe subscribtion from my work but never got it installed with wine of bottles or whatever.

But then you need a lot of ram, I have only 8 gig in my lenovo laptop.

Affinity Photo and Designer work adequately with 8 Gb RAM - they are on my eldests 8 8Gb Windows 8.1 Pro 640-bit Machine. With Adobe you get an awful lot of bloatware. For example, Adobe Reader 9.0 was over 100 Mb in size, Sumatra PDF at the time 10 Mb!

unf it dont work, gives a download error while installing

I remember Corel Draw worked well when Wine-Doors was still a project!

I am allowed to use Adobe stuff because I have a license, from work. But very hard if not impossible to install using Linux. But Inkscape is here for us. So, no tears.


Long time no reply.

True. I want affinity more than adobe though some companies, even when I do freelancing, asking for Adobe products to be used? HWhen I looked at some works made in Affinity ohoto and designer, it made me wow.

I love the new version of inkscape