Piix4 simbus controller not enabled

Hello fine people,

firstly I would consider myself still a linux noob, that´s why I stick to distros like Ubuntu and Zorin etc.

I am (was) running Zorin 17.1 on VMware player 17 on Win 11 Pro.
up until today it was going amazing and actually was the only distro, where I could run the 3d graphics acceleration without any issues. So i was very pleased.

Today there came some updates. After installing and restart the Zorin animation shows up but afterwards there is only a little command line saying the following:

piix4 simbus controller not enabled

I cannot make any inputs. I can just shut the VM down or restart via the VMware player.

There was another thread with the same problem but it was closed due to no response. The link in this thread to an explanation is not working any more.

There was the question about disk size in the thread.

Current Size: 235,7 GB
Maximum Size: 260 GB (It was 250 GB when the error occured. Because I read some things about disk size I expanded it to 260. But aafter finishing WMware told me I would have to get into the file system and expand there as well which I obviously cannot do because I cannot boot into the system :frowning:

Your help would be very highly appreciated since I really like my Zorin VM. Is was running the best from all the distros I tried out so far.

Thank you VERY much in advance!

Hmm, seems I cannot edit my post.

So I use this reply instead:

I tried to run the vmdk in Virtualbox. Here I also get the Zorin Logo at first and then the boot stops after showing these 3 lines:

ERROR: VMGFX seems to be running on an unsopported hypervisor.
ERROR: This configuration is likely broken.
ERROR: Please switch to a supported graphics device to avoid problems.

Other vmdks (e.g. Elementary OS) will start and run without issue.

It would be HIGHLY appreciated if anyone of you could me out here as I really would love to get back into that VM.

Thank you again very much in advance!!!