Pika Backup 45 Days

Hi, am a newbie with Centos and recently need to install backup. After selecting the usual folders like /home /var /dev etc ...it states that it would take 45 Days for the backup. I doubt this is normal. This is my 3rd day and so far has surpass 50% . Any advice which part that i may have configured wrongly? Or is there any advice for an alternative much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Maybe check with the CentOS forum? This is Zorin OS. There may be some users that use CentOS but you would better be served by the CentOS community I think.


Thank you for replying

This is a known issue in Pika Backups where large files slows the transfer rate down significantly. What it means for you is that the 45 day estimation is inaccurate. That estimate is based on the rate at time of the slowed transfer, not on a total since it cannot know a total.
When a large file completes and the transfer rate increases, then the estimate will show a shorter estimate.

There are several tips posted here:

In addition, you might also check Pika Settings to limit what you back up to avoid backing up redundancies or unnecessary files (Such as those that would be provided by a new install of the system, anyway).
This is true with many different backup software. Timeshift and DejaDup can be similarly limited to only your personal files.

First time I have heard of this Gnome Package! Personally the simplest way would be to use a large capacity external HDD and copy the entire /home folder, including hidden files to it. Once a system has been installwd with all required applications, create a backup image with Rescuezilla and just use copy and paste for data backup or use Timeshift, remembering to format any save location of Tineshift snapshots to be the sane file system used when installing Zorin. Another option would be to use cloud service such as murena.io. I pay £16 a year for 20 Gb storage.